Data Release Policies

How Is Data Release Managed?

Data release is controlled from the level of study objects. When a study is made public, all samples, experiments, runs and analyses associated with it are also made public.

Can I Advance/Postpone The Release Date?

You can edit the release date of a study from within your Webin account: In the ‘Studies’ tab, find the study you wish to change and click the pencil icon adjacent to its current release date. You can move the date to be sooner or later as required.


When you are ready to release your study, you should do it by changing the release day to the current day.

I Released My Study, Why Can’t I Find It In The Public Database?

After a study is made public, it can take up to 48 hours for your data to be searchable in the ENA Browser. It will take four days for it to be visible in GenBank. Please take this into consideration if you have a strict deadline by which your data must be public. Note that the processes which are taking place in this time are automated, and we are not able to intervene in order to expedite the release of your data. If after 48 hours your data remain confidential, please contact our helpdesk.

Can I Make My Study Partially Available?

Unfortunately, this is not a service we provide. If you need evidence of your submission for reviewers, forward them the email confirming your successful submission.

I Need To Remove My Confidential Study

If you have registered objects in the database which you wish to have removed, we can cancel them if they are not yet public. Contact our helpdesk with an explanation of the issue and we will handle the deletion for you. Please be very clear about which accessions should be removed, especially if you only want to have a few objects removed from the study.

I Need To Remove My Public Study

If your study is public and needs to be removed from public view on a permanent or temporary basis, you must contact our helpdesk and provide an explanation of the issue, along with the accession(s) to be suppressed. A curator will assess the request and carry it out if deemed suitable. Information about circumstances in which suppression will be considered can be found in our Data Availability Policy. Please note that data that is made public for even a short time may be used by downstream services which we do not control.

If your suppression will be temporary, please provide a new release date when you contact us.

Data Availability Policy

For full details of the INSDC data availability policy including the different levels of controlled access, see here.