Forthcoming changes to the Feature Table

All planned changes to the Feature Table will be detailed here.

Forthcoming changes (annotated/assembled sequences)

With effect of Feature Table document version 10.9 (December 2019) the following changes will be applied:

  1. Value “contamination” added to /gap_type in the assembly_gap definition mandatory qualifiers
Feature Key           assembly_gap

Definition            gap between two components of a genome or transcriptome assembly;

Mandatory qualifiers  /estimated_length=unknown or <integer>
                      /linkage_evidence="TYPE" (Note: Mandatory only if the
                      /gap_type is "within scaffold", "repeat within scaffold" or
  1. Value “contamination” added to /gap_type in /linkage_evidence definition
Qualifier       /linkage_evidence

Definition      type of evidence establishing linkage across an
                assembly_gap. Only allowed to be used with assembly_gap features
                that have a /gap_type value of "within scaffold", "repeat within scaffold" or
                "contamination"; Please note if /gap-type="contamination", /linkage_evidence must
                be used and the value of /linkage_evidence must be "unspecified".
  1. “proximity ligation” added to the allowed values for /linkage_evidence qualifier