Register a Submission AccountΒΆ

Before you can submit data to ENA, you need to register for a Webin submission account. If you already have an account and have difficulties logging in please contact our helpdesk.

  1. Navigate to the Interactive Webin submission service page.
  2. Click the ../../_images/webin_register_01.pngRegister button.
  3. Fill in the required details. Other contacts can be added after your account has been created. ../../_images/webin_register_02.pngRegister Submission Account
  4. Click the register button to register your account. ../../_images/webin_register_03.pngRegister Submission Account
  5. After registration you can log into Webin with your username and password. Please note that after registration you will be logged in automatically. ../../_images/webin_register_04.pngRegister Submission Account
  6. You can add more contacts by expanding My account details on the Home page. ../../_images/webin_register_05.pngRegister Submission Account